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Welcome to my Stitching Blog! Here I will share my stitching adventures with those that wish to try to following my babbling.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Quick Update

Well Scrumpy is on the mend. The drs pump him full of antibiotics, medicine and fluids and sent him on his way. They got the horrible fever to break and he seemed to be doing better last night. His mommma and daddy have to keep a close eye on him and have to bring him back to the dr, but they got him stabilized and he seemed to be doing much better. My poor little Baby Scrump. He's such a sweet little boy and I hate to think of him being in so much pain. Thanks for the thoughts Annette!

I did manage to get quite a bit of stitching in last night, I guess the stitching helped to occupy me more than I knew. The mop of hair on Iris is about 1/2 way filled in, but can you say ORANGE OVERLOAD! Hopefully I'll have an update later this week.

Toodley Doodley ladies!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Well today didn't turn out the way I wanted

Why is it that the best laid plans never work??? My plans for the weekend were to stitch, eat, sleep and stitch. Just didn't happen that way. Got a fair bit of stitching done yesterday, in between grocery shopping and chores, but today was a complete bust! Was woken up at 5:15 this morning with a 100+ pound doggie taking most of the bed. I didn't even try to awaken the beast, was easier to just get up. I had all my chores done and the laundry started by 9am. Sat down to work on Taj while my stitching buddy was at church. Immediately after sitting down and starting, got hungry. OK, make some sandwiches and eat and then start stitching again. Phone rings and there goes my poor little Scrumpy (my 11 month old nephew) is sick, he has 102 fever. Mommy and Daddy had a function last nite, so Grandpa babysat for the night. Well Grandpa called their cell at 9 this morning to tell them about the fever, he woke up with it this morning. So they head off to pick him up. By the time they get there it is 105, so now its off to the closest ER. This can be very serious as Scrumpy has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and please don't ask me to explain what it is b/c I just can't get it right. So they found out he has an ear infection, but his specialist in Nashville wants him brought to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital b/c his heart rate was up and his breathing was off. So that is where they are. The last update was they were putting in an iv to give him antibiotics, baby tylenol and the medicine for his condition. Please say some prayers for my baby Scrumpy!

So that was my day. I have gotten some stitching in, but pretty much I've been worried about my Baby Scrump all day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wow...a whole week and no blog entry!

Now I get to babble about all my happenings.....first Martina released Taj, I have been waiting for this for soooooo long, I even had SW special dye a piece of fabby for me, its 28 count Jobelan Golden Promise, it is perfect for this piece! I also decided to go with Vicki Clayton silks instead of the European XS kit this time. I had just bought Alpine and all the supplies and i have Persian Iris coming up in May, so I really couldn't justify spending another $150 on supplies for Taj. I ordered the VC silks for only $52 and that included subs for the NPIs, I'll order the bead pack from EXS soon too. I also started Alpine Garden while I was waiting for Lana to finish up her page on Reone, it is going to be beautiful.

Now on to HAED news...after Reone, we were supposed to be working on a Vinson, me Dragonfly and Lana Twilight. Well, we just weren't getting in to them. It just was not happening. The colors were very light and after working with all the light colors on Reone, I just couldn't do it, so tonight we decided this would be our "whatever" slot. Whatever is screaming at us at the beginning of the slot is what we will work on. For me it is (yes Jeannie-Maree you will be very happy) Walk in the Iris. She has been screaming at me non-stop lately and I just so love her, so she is back on the scrolls and getting some stitching time.

Now for the yucky news, Bob is sick and we're all very worried about him. Bob can't be sick, he is our angel that gets us our fix, he's not allowed to be sick! So I'm sending lots of get well thoughts his way.

Well, I think that might just be it. I'm off to get some time in on Iris for a bit before bed. If you made it this far...TOODLES!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I finished page 4 of Reone today. I'm so excited. I am thrilled at how she is coming out, Michele is amazing!!! I love the dragon he is so cute.

Next up is Dragon Fly Dance, just need to finish up the gridding and then she'll be good to go. I'm hoping she stitches up as well as Reone, but I'm sure she will.

Tired now....heading to bed!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bad, Evil Thoughts

I am having bad, evil thoughts...I had a wonderful fantastic stitching day yesterday, I can now see hair and the tip of an ear and my draggie is starting to come alive on Reone. I changed my gameplan a bit and decided to get the scattered stitching done over the weekend and work on the large blocks of stitching during the week when I am tired from work. But it is now almost 8 am on Sunday and I don't know why but I woke up to Chatelaine's Alpine Garden screaming at me! I had gotten the chart awhile ago and used my Christmas money to buy the goodies for it, but I have been very good at only working on my WIPs. I carefully put the kitted Alpine away. Why is she screaming at me this morning????? Help me someone. I need to save myself from myself! I think I might need a stitching intervention. I am just hopeless, absolutely hopeless. Maybe if I go do my cleaning, when I come back Alpine will have gone back to sleep.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yay, its the weekend!

Finally, the weekend is here, what a long week it was.

Well it started off on a good note, I completely finished the first page on Reone . The picture is a little distorted as I just unscrolled the rods a bit to get it, but you can get it. I would like to finish all the 'block' stitches on page 2 this weekend and work on the scattered stitches next week. My ultimate goal would be to finish page 2 by the end of next week. Then its on to one page of Caron Vinson's DragonFly Dance, which I still need to do bunches of gridding for. Hopefully I can get some of that done this weekend to.

So my goals for the weekend:

1. Finish the blocks of color on page 2 of Reone
2. Get some gridding done on DragonFly Dance, I would like too finish the horizontal lines done and concentrate on the verticals next week.
3. Grocery Shopping (chinese torture in my opinion)
4. Clean up the house a bit (not quite as bad as chinese torture, but still up there)
5. Figure out why my animals are going bonkers.

Thats my weekend. Nice and relaxing just the way I like it. We did wake up to some snow this morning. Just a coating, which is alot for us. Guess I should get my butt in gear. Need to wash up, get dressed and head out to the grocery store before every other nut is on the road.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not Much to Update

Still plugging along on Reone, just about done with a complete page, but I have wandered quite a bit onto the next page.

Gonna whine for a minute, guess I can since its my blog. I feel like crap today. My head is killing me, my ears and throat hurt from the lovely post nasal drip I've got. I've tried just about everything to try to help and nothing is working. It doesn't help that i got next to no sleep last night and I'm PMSing. Alright, whine over, back to normal programming.

Lucky Lana is off on Monday and is going to get lots of stitching done, I'm so jealous. I so wish I was off, I would love to be able to finish the 2nd page on Reone next week. I still need to grid the fabby for DragonFly Dance as thats up next. We'll do a page of that and then on to 2 pages of Small Things. Then I get to start my Butterfly Chick, yippee!!!

Thats all thats up in my stitching world right now. Hopefully Michele won't come up with any new releases that I MUST have!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Absolute Heaven!

I can't believe Michele released it today! She completely tormented me, released it while I was at work and didn't have access to look or buy. I didn't think the day would EVER end! I cannot wait to start this one, I am currently stalking my e-mail, waiting for it to arrive. I love, love, love this one. Poor Jeannie-Maree, I'm so sorry, I will do Iris for you eventually, let me get this out of my system and I promise I will do a page on Iris for you.

Other news, Lana had a perfect piece of fabby for Butterfly Chick, it'll be in the mail to me tomorrow and I had ordered some nice dyed Jobelan a bit ago and thats coming with it AND she is also sending me another piece of fabby cause she got it 60% off!!!

Next, I decided to clear some of my stash of HAEDs that I know I will never stitch. My tastes have changed so much since I first found the HAEDs. So after clearing it with Michele, I posted on the board that I would give them away to the first who e-mail me about them. Well, I came home tonight to an e-mail with 3, yes thats 3 new charts for ME! I got Magic of a New Age, Moonlight and Langsuir QS. Couldn't have been more perfect matches. Moonlight is probably my next favorite Vinson after DragonFly and I love Langsuir just because, its kind of dark and odd, just like me (odd that is)! Now I have all the New Ages.

aaah, pure bliss....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Long Day of Stitching

Well there she is, what I spent my entire day stitching on today. Lana was otherwise occupied, so I decided to work on something other than our 'shared' project.

I was really, really getting frustrated this afternoon with all the confetti stitching, but the last few hours everything started coming together and I ended the stitching day being thrilled with her. I know that Michele knows what shes doing, and I know it will all come together in the end and look stunning, I don't know why I let myself get frustrated. Its almost like a roller coaster with the ups and downs. Must be why I love HAED designs so much.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well...I chose

Small Things. We're going to finish the 2nd page of our Tsos. Then do one page 'separate'. So mine is going to be Small Things. Then we'll do 2 pages on a Vinson and then another page 'separate' and that will be Walk in the Irises as requested by Jeannie-Maree.

I also changed my mind about my HAED goals for the year. I added Reone to my finishes. So now I have to finish Small Things and Reone. So I better get my butt in gear.

Yaaawwwnnn Streettch

Well its early on Saturday morning here in Nashville and I just decided to roll out of bed. Not much going on this weekend, I lead a relatively boring life and that is just the way I like it. I need to go grocery shopping, wouldn't be good to have 2 dogs in revolt if they didn't get their special food and their treats. Thats really the only errand I have to run. Then I need to straighten up the house a bit, did heavy cleaning last weekend, so its only a light cleaning this weekend. Then the rest of the time is for stitching.

Now for my stitching update...still working on Reone Silver Dragon and loving it! It is probably the most pleasurable HAED stitch I've done so far. I can't explain why, but it is going really fast and coming out beautifully so far. As far as I don't have any major interruptions this weekend, I will definately finish a full page and more. I have about 6500 stitches done already and a page is approximately 8000 stitches. Lana and I are going to continue and finish a second page before we move on to something else.

We come to my dilemma now...I have 2 charts that I want to start, Selina Fenech's Small Things and Caron Vinson's DragonFly Dance. I have them both kitted up, only missing 8 flossies for DragonFly, but that is easy enough to pick up. I'm so torn about what to start. Guess Lana and I will need to make a decision soon as I need to grid the fabric for whichever we decide and that takes a bit of time.

Whats Princess Serial Starter to do?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Decision Made!

Alright, Lana and I made an actual decision, I know unbelievable. Now that you've stopped laughing, I'll tell you what it was. We have decided to continue on the Tso's since we're having such a good time with them and then we will work on something (WIP), haven't gotten that far yet, then and only then will we consider a new start.

So, now that my brain hurts, I'll try to continue stitching.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Donkey Butt

That is what my neighbor is. Decided he wanted to put up a new fence and drilled way too dip and hit a phone cable yesterday. Took more than a day to fix it!! I was lost didn't know what to do without my stitching buddy, my board and my e-mail. Got a fair bit of stitching done on Reone. I now have an outline of the dragon and lots of sky done. The colors are absolutely amazing on this one, soft soft blues and lavender and grey. I can't believe how amazed I still get when I stitch Michele's designs, you would think with all the HAED starts I have I would have gotten, but no, still in awe.

Off to get some stitching in for the night...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Whats a Stitcher to Do?

Lana and I are having a problem making a decision, I know, I know big surprise. When the new Vinsons were released we wanted to immediately start one, me DragonFly Dance, Lana Twilight, but now we are enjoying our Tso's so much we don't know whether we want to put them down just yet. I also need to get some time in on my Atlantis StoryKeep as I need to finish that so I can start Small Things. I need to figure out a way to stitch more.

Here is my progress on Reone as of early last night, I have filled in some of those bare spots since I took the pic tho.

Here is my progress on Atlantis. I really want to finish this one up soon. I've actually gotten quite a bit done.

So I guess its just wait and see what we decide to do. We need to keep you guys on your toes!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well, at the urging of a certain stitchy friend (you know who you are), here are my ramblings about my biggest obesssion...stitching. Its not too fancy a blog as I am totally computer illiterate, but hopefully it'll get better.

I figured the 1st of the year was a good time to start the new blog.
Well as you all know, stitching is my biggest obession and is pretty much controlled by my addiction to Heaven and Earth Designs by Michele and Bob Sayetta ( and the more recently added Martina Weber's Chatelaine Designs ( to the mix. I have been named Princess Serial Starter on the HAED BB, following the great Queen Lana.
Alright, bet you want to know what I've actually got in the is my list...
  • Linda Tso's Reone Silver Dragon, current WIP and want to finish the first page as quickly as possible so I can start my next one which will be
  • Caron Vinson's DragonFly Dance, this will be started very shortly
  • Atlantis StoryKeep, more than halfway done, hopefully will finish this soon so I can start
  • Selina Fenech's Small Things which was a Christmas gift from one of the bestest stitching buddies around, Lana. Small Things happens to be my goal for the year on the HAED BB, hopefully this will get me to finish it!
  • Now for the Chatelaines...I have Alhambra Garden started, and have the center square almost completed, it is absolutely stunning and I am hoping to finish it this year
  • I also have Watergarden started but I'm going to concentrate on AG for now
  • With my Christmas money I bought all the goodies for Alpine Garden, but according to Lana I have to finish AG before I can start her, so for now I will gaze longingly at the pretty silkies
  • and last, Wednesday is official UFO day and Lana and I are working on Winter Beauty Princess by PR, actually it wasn't a UFO for me, but it has been sitting in my drawer for quite some time waiting to be done.

So thats it, my stitching in a nutshell. Hopefully I'll figure out how to post Pictures soon and liven up my Blog a bit. Thanks for visiting!