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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well I made it through the surgery

Well had the dental surgery on Monday and I'm still in one piece, even tho my mouth is held together with 7 stitches. Went to the surgeon at 7am on Monday morning and the surgery took 2 hours. Had some pretty nasty pain for a few hours until I got the Demerol RX filled, but then I was in la la land for the remainder of the day (just ask Lana, she'll tell you). Yesterday wasn't so bad, I just looked like an overgrown chipmunk with a fat lip, but the pain wasn't so bad. Most of the swelling is down tonight and my biggest issue is not being able to blow my nose, mind you it is full blown allergy season.

And good news on the hubby front, he starts physical therapy on Friday and goes back to the dr next Friday. Hopefully he will be back to work on 5/8, good thing because I think he is getting bored.

So thats the scoop. I guess things are starting to look up!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Its gotta get better

I feel like the local drama queen lately. We are just on a bad luck roll and I'm hoping that it gets better soon. Lets start at the beginning of the week...

I stitched happily along on my Tease Monday night, happy as a clam.

Tuesday comes along and I got great news from the insurance company. The inspector came out and looked at the house on Monday and put the claim in for $6000, which will fix the house with a little bit left over if we watch what we spend. I was THRILLED! Then I started stitching on Tease again and decided I just wasn't happy with the way my stitching is on 22ct. So decided that I was going to restart. No big deal, didn't have too much done.

Now for Wednesday, the big blow up. I had a terrible, terrible day at work, just left completely drained. I stopped on the way home to pick up the flossies for Queenies bday gift (thank goodness they had them all), and toddled home. Got home and did my chores, was actually quite pleased with myself and then DH came home. Well the goober decided to go in the backyard and try and stand up the fence enough to let the dogs out. I had no idea what he was doing. I go out to let the dogs back in and hes waving at me from behind the fence all the way in the back. So I go trudging back there and he tells me he hurt his leg. Hurt his leg? He couldn't walk on it! So we spent the night in the ER, diagnosis...ruptered left calf and instructions to see the ortho on Thursday.

So Thursday, I head on off to work after very little sleep and DH calls in to work. He goes to the ortho Thurs afternoon and they tell him its his Achilles, he has to go for an MRI. So now he is in that big black boot thing to keep everything immobile. Now its either good news or bad news, we'll find out on Tuesday when he goes back to the dr for the results. If its just a tear of his achilles, he'll be out of work for a few weeks. If its ruptured, he will be out for months and months and months. Now, we have enough in savings to handle a few weeks, but months and months and months will be very very very hard on us. So if you've made it this far, please cross your fingers for us.

So DH went for the MRI on Friday, but we don't know anymore. Like I said, we'll find out when he goes back to the ortho on Tuesday.

So, that was my week. The only big bright spot in it was the release of Autumn on Thursday night. After the fiasco with Tease and the fabby, I decided to start Autumn immediately and restart Tease next up in the rotation. Its all gridded and kitted and ready to go.

I decided that I needed a stitching weekend and have decided I will do nothing this weekend except stitch. No work, no cleaning no gardening no nothing. I am only going to do the necessary things to survive...laundry, cooking and such.

And on Monday I get to go for oral surgery. So it will be interesting to have him in that big black boot hobbling around and me in pain after surgery. Wish me luck.

Thanks for listening to me sook. I promise it will get better soon!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Have I mentioned that i love Tease??? Aren't they adorable. I have been drooling over this for ages, I've even asked for it a few times! I love, love, love this one. It definitely boots everything else out of the way. My stitching buddy is gonna kill me, but I just gotta! I love it. Already ordered it. I can't wait to start! This just made my weekend. Its been such a crappy couple of weeks and its hard to believe that a little thing like a new xs chart can make me so happy. Thanks Michele and Bob!

Not much other news going on. I spent a good portion of the day yesterday playing in the dirt. Got my first flower bed all done and have to dig out the next one today. It came out really pretty, of course that was after 3 trips to Lowes. I also worked on Taj a bit, I'll update with pics after Part 2 is done. I've also gotten a bit done on Impossible Love, but it might just be taking a little nap now that Tease is out.

The insurance company still hasn't come out to look at our damage so we're still dealing with having the dogs in a little pen and manually opening and closing the garage door. Yes I know how lazy I am!

OK, off to drool some more.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where to Start?

I don't even know where to start this post. It has been quite a week. Well I updated about the storms coming thru last Sunday, and not sure if I posted I got my new furniture on Thursday and its beautiful. Now to Friday...a round of absolutely devastating storms came thru Middle TN on Friday. DH was home and saw a tornado in front of our house, one of the scariest things hes ever seen. The tornados killed at least 10 people in my area and just levelled homes. Luckily we've had no damage from these, but my heart just aches for the people who have lost everything. Our damage seems like nothing now and I feel so selfish for being upset about my little bit of damage.

My puter has been acting up since the storms on Sunday and I will have to eventually break down and get a new one. Some days it works just fine and others it does some really wacky things, so if I'm not around much, it probably means the puter is being mean to me.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well its been a week

Lets see, what was that I was saying about a boring weekend? Remind me never to say that again.

Well Sunday night they were predicting storms for our area, ok, no big deal. Well by 8/9pm we were under a tornado watch. Got off the puter, at the request of dh, and went to bed. Was awoken about 10pm when the lights flashed, got up and all of a sudden a massive storm hit. They're not calling it a tornado, just straight line winds of 100 mph. Thank god we are all OK, obviously or I wouldn't be here, but we did have about $4/5,000 worth of damage done to the outside of the house. Our fence is completely over and our garage door was destroyed. Thank goodness for homeowners insurance. I ended up staying home from work on Monday, got the fence guy out and he did an estimate and got all the proper claims filed with the insurance company. Heard back today with the name and number of the inspector and a promise that he would contact me by tomorrow night. Hopefully he will come quickly so that we can get the fence back up, the moose are not happy with the itty bitty pen dh built for them to do their business.

OK, back to work on Tuesday, waiting for a call from the furniture company about our delivery for tomorrow. I had my fingers crossed that it would be a late afternoon delivery, since I already had to take Monday off. No such luck, got the call, delivery between 9 and 1. Crap, now its pretty much guaranteed that I have to take all of tomorrow off. I'm now down 16 hours for the week! But I am excited about my new furniture.

Oh but Fudgey, you will appreciate my little oops of the day today...I have to have 2 ID badges for work, well I usually weare them on a long nylon cord around my neck. For some reason this afternoon I clipped it to the top of my jeans and proceeded to go to the ladies room. Well as I'm walking out of the ladies room I feel something on my leg and realize that the cord that was dangling down had got dunked in the toilet bowl. Needless to say it is now in the trash! OK everyone have a good laugh at my expense now, it was all I could do at this point.

There were a few other minor mishaps along the way that I won't bore you with, lets just say its been a crappy week!

But then.....I get home and the wonderful, lovely Marie had sent me the new Selina Fenech sketch. Its got trolls and a dragon and everything. I just adore Selina's sketches and adore her trolls even more. Thanks again Marie!

If you've made it this far, I commend you. Thanks for the support!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Not Much Going On

Like the title says, its been a pretty quiet weekend. I've been working on Queen of the Sea, thats the pic above, not much to look at yet, did the first 20 rows. Now gonna work on Fire for a bit and then possibly back to Goddess.

Beauty is all put back together, scratches all gone, rear end fixed all better.

Our new bedroom furniture is coming Thursday, so I'm sure I'll be boring you with pics of that.

Like I said, very boring week. But hey, thats just the way I like it.