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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Part 1 HD for me!!!

Part 1 of Taj Mahal, Chatelaine, is finally finished. It was a marathone of beading, but with Lana's not so gentle prodding, I finished it this afternoon. I just wish the pic could do it justice. Now I'm moving to Queen of the Sea, a new HAED (surprise, surprise). I'm gridding now and should be stitching shortly.

Not much else going on, its going to be a busy week. Beauty has something wrong with her rear end and has to go to the shop tomorrow after work, then I'll have to pick her up after work one day. Hopefully our new furniture will come this week too.

I was a pretty good girl this week, only bought fabby (not even hand dyed) for upcoming starts and some DMC.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm A Lousy Blogger

OK, I admit it, I've been a terrible blogger lately. But I have had a ton going on, I'll just give the highlights....

1. I've had two root canals in the last month and a sinus infection. Had a raging tooth ache one night, went to the dentist and ended up at a specialist. Turns out 2 teeth were absessed (sp??) and the third was a root canal that was already done and is now failing. Needless to say it is absessed into the bone. So I had 2 root canals in the last month and have surgery scheduled on the third one at the end of April.

2. My Beauty (aka Mustang) was hit by a flying wood pallet on Thursday on my way home. Luckily, it was superficial damage and can be easily buffed out. Also luckily there were no injuries to Cole.

3. Last weekend was my nephew's 1st birthday and had family here all weekend visiting. He's a toot and was such a good boy during his party. Hard to believe he's 1 already.

4. Work has been pretty crazy. My company is being bought out by another and being in the legal department, we are really really busy. I was there a year last month, and finally got my little bonus that I have promptly spent on a mega stash binge (I'll explain about that later).

5. Our 6 year anniversary was earlier this month and dh and I celebrated by going out to dinner and to the lawn and garden show. We had a blast! The displays were absolutely stunning.

6. Now to the stuff I know you're all interest in....STASH BUYING...Well I went on a binge the last few weeks, it started with buying Love with a Capital L (Papillon Designs), the fabby for it and Needle Necessities Midnight Blue and Razzle Dazzle Red. This is my project for work. I work on it during the slow times, which unfortunately hasn't been much. Now this weekend was a major buying spree, I got HAED's Scotland, ordered the fabby for it and Vicki Clayton silks to stitch it, boy I can't wait for that. I also ordered the chart for Chatelaine's Egyptian and Japanese Gardens and the fabby for Japanese Garden and Persian Iris Garden. Last but definitely not least I also ordered HAED's Karma Fairy (Lusk) and Golden Orchid. Now I'm on the wagon again and won't be getting anything until the materials for PIG are released. And how can I forget that I ordered the beads for Taj!

7. Almost forgot, dh and I went shopping yesterday and bought a new bedroom set, actually its our first bedroom set. Its beautiful and I'll post some pictures after its delivered. Of course that was the purpose of buying Golden Orchid and Karma Fairy, I think they will look lovely in the room. Also PIG and Japanese Garden.

And as for stitching. I haven't gotten as much done as I usually do, but I have been diligently working on Taj Mahal and hopefully will be posting a picture of a finished part 1 shortly.

Well if you have made it this far I commend you!